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Australia-wide online disability services

Face-to-face services are not always accessible or suitable for everyone. If you’re in a rural, remote location, have psychological, mobility challenges or lack transport, it can be nearly impossible to regularly access the specialist disability and allied health services you need to live your best life.

Culture Connex offers a variety of online disability services to ensure you don’t miss out. All ages and disabilities, with a particular focus on supporting First Nations clients, we leverage our lived experience of disability to provide services tailored to meet your individual needs.

From occupational therapy and NDIS functional capacity assessments to speech pathology, psychology and dietetics, we make it easy for you to access the help you need, when and where you need it most.

Benefits of online disability services


Get the help you need without having to leave home.


Save on unnecessary travel costs and get more from your plan.


Connect with a trusted allied health professional each time.


Access support wherever you are, right across Australia.


Schedule appointments to fit in with your life and routine.


Avoid long waiting lists and get the support you need right now.

Culture Connex online disability services

Occupational Therapy + Functional Capacity Assessments

Online occupational therapy assessments, including NDIS functional capacity assessments, help evaluate how you manage daily activities at home. Using observations, questionnaires, photos and video recordings, our fully-trained occupational therapists provide tailored recommendations and support to enhance your quality of life.

FOR: Children and adults, with or without NDIS funding.

Speech Therapy

Online speech therapy helps improve communication skills, increase literacy and vocabulary, address chewing and swallowing issues and teach augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Providing quicker and easier access to certified speech pathologists, our online services are an especially convenient option for families.

FOR: Children and adults, with or without NDIS funding.


Online psychology provides a safe way to access professional psychological assessments and support. From cognitive assessments to diagnostic testing, our registered psychologists harness observational assessments, questionnaires and gold-standard frameworks, such as WAIS-IV, to support educational and workplace adjustments.

FOR: Children and adults, with or without NDIS funding.

Behaviour Support Plans + Management

Online behaviour management services give parents and carers valuable tools to manage challenging behaviour. Online sessions provide the opportunity to observe behaviours, identify triggers and discuss strategies to support both the parent/carer and their loved one, in the safety and familiarity of the home environment.

FOR: Children and adults, with or without NDIS funding.

Dietetics + Nutrition

Online dietitian appointments help improve food choices, enhance nutrition and increase health and wellbeing. From identifying intolerances and allergies to assisting with complex needs like tube feeding, our experienced team of dieticians work with you and your health care team to help you live a healthier and happier life.

FOR: Children and adults, with or without NDIS funding.


Online counselling provides timely support when you need it most, giving you skills to process grief, manage challenging emotions and deal with difficult decisions in your life. By accessing support from the privacy and comfort of home, online counselling gives you the chance to develop important coping skills at your own pace.

FOR: Children and adults, with or without NDIS funding.

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